Digitalize visual management on your shop floor

Say goodbye to static whiteboards. Build dynamic, customized dashboards with all the information you need to run your performance meetings or communicate with your shop floor teams.

Time saving for team leaders

Visualization of performance gaps in real time

Standardization and perpetuation of your approach

100% customizable dashboards

Build your own dashboards with a range of customizable widgets to suit your visual management needs. Display all the data you need for your performance meetings using dynamic interfaces: performance indicators, Pareto, action plans, routines, communications, instructions or analyses.

Connect your dashboards and display continuous real-time information

Connect all your presentation media to facilitate issue escalation and cooperation between production and support teams. Automate indicator updates thanks to iFrame display of your tools or using Fabriq’s API.

Standardize and consolidate your operational excellence approach across all your plants

Scale up your operational excellence system by defining your own dashboard standards, which can then be easily replicated from one team or plant to another. Make sure your teams can always see data on the shop floor, using slideshows.

Nos clients témoignent

Sébastien Oury

Continuous Improvement Manager – Merck

“To my mind, the main outcome is standardization. We already had standards on paper, but with Fabriq and digitized SIMs, we’ve been able to go much further. We’ve standardized the dashboards and performance animations too. And that has meant much more efficient SIMs, and a much better performance as a result.”

Sandrine Leroy-Dervieux

Senior Manufacturing Supervisor – Sofradim Production

“The first thing I do when I arrive in the morning is log on to the dashboard in Fabriq. It lets me see all the results from the previous day and any issues that may have been encountered.”

Dashboards in 3 questions:

Can I customize my dashboards?

Dashboards can be fully customized to meet your existing visual standards and requirements.

Can dashboards be standardized?

Yes, you can create different teams and dashboard standards as required.

Can we display graphs from Sharepoint or BI tools?

It is possible to display information that is stored outside of Fabriq, such as PDFs, videos, graphs, etc

Is there a limit to the number of dashboards per team?

You can create as many dashboards as your teams need. It’s up to you!

Discover the other fabriq features

Identify discrepancies and non-conformities as close as possible to the workshop during your field trips

Digitalize your audits and Gemba walks on the shop floor to guarantee compliance with your standards and enable faster escalation of issues.

More efficient teamwork and faster implementation of continuous improvement action points

Bring all the factory’s action plans together in the same tool, so you finally have a single reference point that is common to all your teams.

View all your shop floor performance indicators in the same tool

You can access the latest indicator (KPI) updates to ensure effective monitoring and rapid response to performance gaps, from your smartphone, computer or screens on the shop floor.

Centralize communication to your shop floor teams

Thanks to Fabriq’s communication feature, you are sure to pass on all key information to your teams at your daily shop floor meetings.

Carry your factory in your pocket, thanks to the Fabriq app (Iphone & ios)

A simplified cell phone interface designed for use by operators on the field to detect and raise issues, defects, or performance gaps.

Measure your operational excellence indicators and improve your system

Capitalize on the operational excellence data in fabriq with powerful search and analysis features so you can leverage the value of the data that guides your teams.

Do you want to digitize your dashboards?

A project manager supports you from the start to understand your objectives and configure the solution to your operating mode. Observe convincing results from the first week of testing.

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