Make your teams more efficient & implement continuous improvement actions faster

Bring all the factory’s action plans together in the same tool, so you finally have a single source of truth for all your teams. Action points that are decided on the shop floor appear in each user’s action plan or in the form of notifications in the application, by email or in the mobile app.

Faster problem solving

Improved team decision making

Clearer visualization of project progress

Standardize how your staff responds to issues

Using ticket templates, you can create your own topic categories (safety incident, machine shutdown, quality issue, improvement ideas, etc.) to help the user escalate information, and suggest corrective actions. Benefit from structured and detailed data to better understand the frequency and source of your performance shortfalls.

Make sure you involve the right person for the task at hand

Escalate tickets to the appropriate decision levels, assign tasks to their respective members, and promote smooth teamwork through comments, which give more context and make performance meetings easier to lead. Escalated tickets remain visible and available for the originating team, which enables shop floor staff to monitor the progress of continuous improvement initiatives.

Easy-to-build customizable views to track action plan progress

The ticket’s fields can be used to group or filter the information displayed, for greater flexibility in managing day-to-day actions. You can choose from a number of possible display modes (list, gallery, calendar, history, kanban or process, workload).

Help your teams solve complex problems through customizable processes

Make your teams more self-reliant and enable faster and more effective problem-solving using conventional tools and methodologies that are included within Fabriq (8D, 5 Whys, Ishikawa, PDCA, QRQC, etc.), and can be shared internally or externally in report form.

Simplify management of your continuous improvement projects and apply them to day-to-day operations

Having a single tool for action plans enables you to include the action points decided during normal operations in longer-term improvement projects (A3, Hoshin, etc.) and to monitor ongoing project progress. Great visibility on project progress using timeline (GANTT) or Kanban views.

Our clients testify

Carole Bour

Team leader – Merck

“We were already standard in terms of paper, but with Fabriq and the digitalization of AIC, we have gone much further. We have really standardized the dashboards, we have standardized the animations too. And this made it possible to have much more efficient AICs, with a much more efficient result.”

Isabelle Frey

Site manager- Valrhona

“We also have an action plan that is in one central place. This tool is not just used by production, but also all the other support departments. All the information is centralised in one place.”

Tickets and action plans in 4 questions:

Can I create ticket templates to make it easier to report identified issues?

You can create customized ticket templates to help and support issue escalation. These are particularly useful for support staff.

Can I create different views of action plans and tickets when reporting issues?

You can create around 10 different views (kanban, timeline, calendar, list, etc.) and apply filters to these views by date and structured fields.

Can I document each problem using predefined fields?

You can add fields to a drop-down list as an aid to creating problem descriptions. These fields might be equipment type, product, priority level, etc.

If I encounter a complex problem or a quality issue, can I assign a problem resolving process to it?

You can add one or more problem-solving processes to your tickets, and they can be customized in line with your standards.

Découvrez les autres fonctionnalités fabriq

Identify deviations and non-conformities as close to the shop floor as possible

Digitalize your audits and Gemba walks on the shop floor to guarantee compliance with your standards and enable faster escalation of issues.

Digitalize visual management on your shop floor

Say goodbye to static whiteboards. Build dynamic, customized dashboards with all the information you need to run your performance meetings or communicate with your shop floor staff.

Visualize all your shop floor performance indicators in the same tool

You can access the latest indicator (KPI) updates to ensure effective monitoring and rapid response to performance gaps, from your smartphone, computer or screens on the shop floor.

Centralize communication to your shop floor teams

Thanks to Fabriq’s communication feature, you are sure to pass on all key information to your teams at your daily shop floor meetings.

Carry your factory in your pocket, thanks to the Fabriq app (Iphone & ios)

A simplified cell phone interface designed for use by operators on the field to detect and raise issues, defects, or performance gaps.

Measure your operational excellence indicators and improve your system

Capitalize on the operational excellence data in fabriq with powerful search and analysis features so you can leverage the value of the data that guides your teams.

Do you want to digitize your dashboards?

A project manager supports you from the start to understand your objectives and configure the solution to your operating mode. Observe convincing results from the first week of testing.

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