Visualize and monitor all your performance indicators in the same solution

You can access the latest KPI updates to ensure effective monitoring and rapid response to performance gaps, from your smartphone, computer or screens on the shop floor. Drastically reduce the non-productive time spent updating your metrics thanks to Fabriq’s automation tools, and build a KPI tree that is common to all the staff in your facility.

30+mins saved per day per team leader

Real-time visibility of performance data

Better understanding of performance gaps.

Adapted to your operational indicator formats

The different types of indicators include the classic format of your indicators on the shop floor (SQCDP), with the possibility of customizing the display mode or colors. Safety crosses, bar charts, line charts, status indicators: iFrame indicators also enable you to embed charts from your BI tools.

Consolidate indicator data on several levels

Using Dynamic Indicators (DKPI), you can build a tree structure that consolidates your indicators in real time, giving you a single, reliable dataset and streamlining performance management from supervisor to executive committee.

Update your indicator data automatically

Thanks to the Fabriq API, you can automate indicator updates, saving your team leaders valuable time. Connect your tools (MES, ERP, Datawarehouse, etc.) to the API and give your production teams more reliable visual management, daily.

Visualize more easily progress on corrective actions in response to performance gaps

If a performance gap arises, with one click you can raise a ticket using the indicator data and initiate an action plan to correct the deviation, or prevent it from recurring. This mirror effect between performance and problem-solving also makes it easier to run performance meetings and monitor actions over time.

Nos clients témoignent

David Brevet

Director of Labwater Operations – Merck

“I can quickly log into the solution, take a look at the indicators, and see the actions that may have been decided by the teams. I also have a consolidation of all the production unit’s indicators. Problems are escalated much faster than in the past, which helps us avoid crises at times.”

Steve Desmaret

Production Assembly Supervisor – Poclain

“This digital tool is so efficient that we can add photos and attached files. Site visits allow us to ensure compliance with the standards, so on a daily basis, we can visually identify any deviations and, if there are any, address them.”

Performance indicators in 4 questions:

Can I update my indicators automatically?

Yes, it is possible to connect external sources and update the indicators automatically, either through no-code solutions like Zapier or Power Automate, or by directly using our API.

Can I customize the visualization of my indicators?

The visualization of the indicators is customizable, including options to modify colors and graphs, among other things.

Can I modify the frequency and display period of the data?

You can modify, perform operations on, and consolidate data over time. For example, you can transform an indicator from a daily granularity to a weekly one.

Can I consolidate the data from my indicators and create a KPI tree?

Indicators can be consolidated within Fabriq, allowing you to have indicators that automatically update based on the values of other indicators.

Découvrez les autres fonctionnalités fabriq

Collaborate more effectively and accelerate the implementation of continuous improvement actions.

Bring together all the action plans of the factory in a single solution to finally have a common source of truth for all your teams.

Digitize visual management in your workshops

Say goodbye to static whiteboards. Build dynamic and customized dashboards with all the information needed for conducting your performance meetings or communicating with your teams in the workshop.

Identify discrepancies and non-conformities as close to the workshop as possible.

Digitalisez vos audits et tours de terrains dans l’atelier pour garantir l’adhérence à vos standards et permettre une remontée des problèmes plus rapides.

Centralize communication to your teams in the workshop.

Thanks to Fabriq’s communication feature, you are sure to pass on all key information to your teams at your daily shop floor meetings.

Carry your factory in your pocket, thanks to the Fabriq app (Iphone & ios)

A simplified cell phone interface designed for use by operators on the field to detect and raise issues, defects, or performance gaps.

Measure your operational excellence indicators and improve your system

Capitalize on the operational excellence data in fabriq with powerful search and analysis features so you can leverage the value of the data that guides your teams.

Do you want to digitize your dashboards?

A project manager supports you from the start to understand your objectives and configure the solution to your operating mode. Observe convincing results from the first week of testing.

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