A simple and intuitive mobile app to empower your frontline workforce

Enable your operators on the field to raise issues, defects or performance gaps. With fabriq mobile app (iOS & Android), you can get access to all the data history and track your key indicators, for a real-time view of operational priorities.

Simplified operator interface

Instant reporting of shop floor issues

Off-line routines

Make your routines and Gemba walks easier to manage

The application was developed through close collaboration with our users so as to provide the best ergonomics and user experience when running fabriq routines. It is easy to take photos or videos and the offline mode means routines can be carried out even without Internet access.

Escalate urgent information immediately to the right decision levels

In addition to daily visual management meetings, the mobile application enables instantaneous issue escalation and a much faster response through optional in-app notifications.

-Access to consolidated data and history for operational teams

As they are the closest to the ground, your teams can view the ticket history in Fabriq and draw on useful data to speed up continuous improvement actions and resolve problems more effectively.

Our Clients Testify

Anne-Delphine Beaulieu

VP Digital transformation – Lisi

“Digitization with fabriq has not only revitalized meetings and increased problem-solving responsiveness, but also enabled access to once manual data and enhanced appeal for newer generations.”

Stéphane Bruder

Process Methods Engineer – Merck

“With the introduction of fabriq, we’ve witnessed significant benefits, especially in the preparation of our daily routines and also in handling medium and long-term actions. Thanks to fabriq, we’ve managed to prevent line stoppages through quick data processing.”

La version mobile en 3 questions :

Can I carry out routines even without an internet network?

Yes, you can perform your routines even without a network connection, and then submit your routines once you have access.

Can I create tickets using voice control?

Yes, you can choose voice control as your input device to help log information and save time when escalating issues.

Can I access all my tickets and routines from the cell phone version?

Yes, you have access to the entire history of tickets and completed routines in the palm of your hand, with the cell phone version of fabriq!

Découvrez les autres fonctionnalités fabriq

More efficient teamwork and faster implementation of continuous improvement action points

Bring all the factory’s action plans together in the same tool, so you finally have a single reference point that is common to all your teams.

Digitalize visual management on your shop floor

Say goodbye to static whiteboards. Build dynamic, customized dashboards with all the information you need to run your performance meetings or communicate with your shop floor staff.

Identify deviations and non-conformities as close to the shop floor as possible

Digitalize your audits and Gemba walks on the shop floor to guarantee compliance with your standards and enable faster escalation of issues.

Visualize all your shop floor performance indicators in the same tool

You can access the latest indicator (KPI) updates to ensure effective monitoring and rapid response to performance gaps, from your smartphone, computer or screens on the shop floor.

Centralize communication to your shop floor teams

Thanks to Fabriq’s communication feature, you are sure to pass on all key information to your teams at your daily shop floor meetings.

Measure your operational excellence indicators and improve your system

Capitalize on the operational excellence data in fabriq with powerful search and analysis features so you can leverage the value of the data that guides your teams.

Do you want to digitize your dashboards?

A project manager supports you from the start to understand your objectives and configure the solution to your operating mode. Observe convincing results from the first week of testing.