Identify issues faster in the shop floor with standardized routines

Digitalize your audits and Gemba walks on the shop floor to guarantee compliance with your standards and enable faster escalation of issues. Your teams save time on a daily basis, and can draw on richer, more reliable data to find lasting solutions to problems.

30 minutes saved per day

Better issue tracking on the floor

Standardization of your field audits

Build customizable standards to capture information from the floor and your Gemba walks

Digitize each step in your audits, Gemba walks, or checklists, thanks to standard question types that are tailored to the needs of the shop floor (single, multiple or illustrated choice, flexible format response grid, automatic performance indicator updates, etc.) and conditional rules for orienting the questionnaire based on responses. The forms can be shared between your different teams to ensure the process is standardized.

Plan instances for your teams and ensure that your routines are implemented correctly.

Each routine can be assigned to one or more people, with flexibility on frequency to adjust to different use cases. Once the routine is completed, you can easily view the score and response content in the scheduling tool. You can also build indicators from this data to evaluate routine compliance and scoring.

Improve tracking and traceability in the event of deviations from the standard during routines

Using the mobile application, you can take a photo of the issue and create a ticket at the click of a button to ensure corrective actions are put in place. The tickets are instantly included in the dashboard that informs your performance meetings, along with a dependency link to ensure total traceability and data consolidation.

Nos clients témoignent

Stéphane Bruder

Process Methodology Engineer – Merck

“Since Fabriq was introduced, we have seen a lot of benefits, especially in the preparation of our daily routines and also when dealing with medium and long-term actions.”

Isabelle Frey

Site Manager – Valrhona

“This digital tool is so powerful that we can add photos and attachments. As soon as we see indicators turn red, it means we can focus on the issues and direct our efforts there. Field audits help us guarantee the standards. So very visually, in our daily operations, we can see if there is any slippage and if so, deal with it.”

Routines and checklists in 4 questions:

Is it possible to plan field audits with a predetermined frequency?

Routines can be scheduled at predefined intervals.

Can the feedback from Gemba walks be analysed as indicators?

Routine results such as completion levels, overall scores or responses to questions can be used as indicators.

Is there a mobile version to document identified issues in photo format?

Yes, using the mobile version you can do your field audits, create tickets to report non-compliance and take photos directly from the application.

How am I notified that I have a routine to carry out?

When a routine is assigned to an auditor, they receive a notification in the fabriq application and the routine is displayed both in the mobile app and on his/her professional calendar.

Discover the other manufacturing features

More efficient teamwork and faster implementation of continuous improvement action points

Bring all the factory’s action plans together in the same tool, so you finally have a single reference point that is common to all your teams.

Digitalize visual management on your shop floor

Say goodbye to static whiteboards. Build dynamic, customized dashboards with all the information you need to run your performance meetings or communicate with your shop floor staff.

View all your shop floor performance indicators in the same tool

You can access the latest indicator (KPI) updates to ensure effective monitoring and rapid response to performance gaps, from your smartphone, computer or screens on the shop floor.

Centralize communication to your shop floor teams

Thanks to Fabriq’s communication feature, you are sure to pass on all key information to your teams at your daily shop floor meetings.

Carry your factory in your pocket, thanks to the Fabriq app (Iphone & ios)

A simplified cell phone interface designed for use by operators on the field to detect and raise issues, defects, or performance gaps.

Measure your operational excellence indicators and improve your system

Capitalize on the operational excellence data in fabriq with powerful search and analysis features so you can leverage the value of the data that guides your teams.

Launch a test in a few days on your shop floor

A project manager supports you from the start to understand your objectives and configure the solution to your operating mode. Observe convincing results from the first week of testing.

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