Reach Operational Excellence at scale

The all-in-one solution for the shop floor. Track, escalate and solve issues faster to improve your industrial performance.

fabriq, the Digital Building Block of Operational Excellence

Up to 30% efficiency gains with Lean 4.0

Save time for your operational teams, reduce the economic impact of your operational issues (safety, quality, machine downtime etc.) and promote a continuous improvement culture

Easily detect performance gaps in the shop floor

Your teams can report all types of performance gaps, operational issues, or improvement ideas enriched with field data (photos, videos, etc.).

Take corrective actions faster and involve the right people

Facilitate the conduct of your daily performance meetings with dynamic, real-time visual management that connects your teams from operators to the management committee. This accelerates the execution of continuous improvement actions within the factory.

Collaborate more effectively in problem solving

Centralize all your problem history and action plans within a single solution. Empower your teams and make them more autonomous in problem-solving.

Harness operational knowledge through a standardized approach

Sustain your operational excellence system and measure the impact on your performance using dedicated metrics. Share operational knowledge across sites and leverage your field data through artificial intelligence.

fabriq, the Digital Building Block of Operational Excellence

Deployed across more than 300 sites in 21 countries

2 x

faster in accelerating problem solving

< 4 month

to achieve a positive ROI with the fabriq solution.


gained by team leaders through more efficient audits.

Our clients testify

More than 12,000 users rely on Fabriq daily to collaboratively solve operational issues more effectively. Explore their firsthand experiences!

Anne Delphine Beaulieu Lisi

Anne-Delphine Beaulieu

VP Digital transformation – Lisi

“Digitization with fabriq has not only revitalized meetings and increased problem-solving responsiveness, but also enabled access to once manual data and enhanced appeal for newer generations.”

Stephane bruder - Merck

Stéphane Bruder

Process Methods Engineer – Merck

“With the introduction of fabriq, we’ve witnessed significant benefits, especially in the preparation of our daily routines and also in handling medium and long-term actions. Thanks to fabriq, we’ve managed to prevent line stoppages through quick data processing.”

Integrate Fabriq into your digital environment.

Easily integrate Fabriq into your tools (ERP, MES, CMMS, Business Intelligence) to retrieve key information (KPIs, etc.) or enhance your systems with your field data.

Our Industries

fabriq adapts to your sector.

Explore our numerous use cases across various verticals.

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Aerospace & Defense

fabriq dans le secteur pharma

Pharmaceutical & Medical

fabriq dans le secteur automobile et transport

Automotive & Transportation

fabriq dans le secteur agroalimentaire

Food & Beverage

fabriq dans le secteur luxe cosmétique

Luxury & Cosmetics

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The Benefits of Fabriq for

The Benefits of Fabriq for a Plant Manager

“We quickly realized that with Fabriq, there was a comprehensive tool that went beyond our initial expectations. The major advantage is its intuitiveness. The communication aspect is very useful, reducing the need for excessive emailing. We truly experience both top-down and bottom-up communication. Especially the indicators, they allow me to see our current status.”

Frédéric Sollic, Site Director

Tableau de bord gt logistics

The Benefits of Fabriq for a Continuous Improvement Manager

“Today, having Fabriq at Nicomatic is evident. Implementing Fabriq has allowed us, in just a one-hour meeting, to reduce the meeting time. And today, we know how valuable time is. In three words for me, Fabriq is: trust, responsiveness, and interaction.”

Davy Curier, Continuous Improvement Manager

L'entreprise Nicomatic dans la détection des écarts

The Benefits of Fabriq for a Digital Transformation Manager

“The digitization with Fabriq has not only revitalized meetings and increased the responsiveness of problem-solving, but also provided access to data that was once manual and enhanced the appeal for the new generations.”

Anne-Delphine Beaulieu, VP Digital Transformation

Lisi et sa routine

The Benefits of Fabriq for a Quality Manager

“We have an incredibly intuitive solution that is now within reach of all our operators and managers thanks to new technologies. It’s also incredibly easy to implement, with no software installation required. This makes the installation process very agile and ensures easy maintenance and adoption of new features proposed by Fabriq.”

Pascal Trilles, Continuous Improvement and Quality Manager

Tableau de bord de Poclain pour la détection des écarts

The Benefits of Fabriq for a Production Manager

“Transferring our PDCA through Fabriq enables us to have a centralized and cross-functional tool that communicates with other departments, providing an overarching view of actions related to various topics.”

Florent Gaudoin, Production Manager

Tableau de bord pour résoudre efficacement les problèmes

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